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There are many people who struggle with addiction and substance abuse. People from different ethnicities, genders, religions – it can have an affect on anyone. Addictions can also be formed in many different ways. Some people develop a dependence on legal prescriptions after a surgery. Some begin using out of curiosity, and others may be introduced by friends. There are also several people who have grown up in a home with an addict, and that is all they know.

A large factor of addiction and substance abuse is mental health issues. People commonly look to drugs and/or alcohol to suppress traumatic experiences or negative thoughts. SAMHSA conducted a study in 2014, and discovered that over half of those who struggled with addiction were struggling with their mental health as well.

Substance abuse can have very negative impacts in several parts of your life. It can damage relationships with friends and family members, cause you to isolate yourself or make you seem untrustworthy. It can also lead to problems at work, or cause you to lose your job. Eventually things in your life will come crashing down because the substance has become the most important thing to you. Not only that, but addiction can lead to your death. It can cause cancer, HIV, mental disorders, and many other health problems.

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Mental Health Facilities in Mapleton, Utah

One in five adults struggle with a mental health issue any given year. Whether it is anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder – it often interferes with their day to day life. Substance abuse can be very dangerous when it is paired with mental health issues. One of the more prevalent issues that lead to addiction is trauma, which can be a result of living through a stressful situation, such as abuse. At Maple Mountain’s Mental Health Treatment Center in Utah, we are dual-licensed and focus on healing traumatic experiences that become the root problem of an addiction.

Regardless of severity, mental health issues are serious. When people look to drugs or alcohol to get away from thinking of their problems, or to forget a traumatic experience, the results can be deadly. If you are struggling with a mental health problem, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone, and the professionals at our mental health facilities in Utah want to help you. There are several different methods of treatment that can help you heal and overcome your challenges.


At Maple Mountain Recovery, we offer a full spectrum of substance dependence and mental health treatment methods. We believe in incorporating holistic treatment concepts that promote the healing of the mind, body and spirit at our addiction treatment in Mapleton, Utah. We understand how mental health issues and addiction affect individuals and families. Our Utah addiction recovery programs at Maple Mountain Recovery focus on healing the brain from trauma and addiction, discovering new ways to do recovery, helping rebuild one’s self, and learn new coping skills that will change your life. If you are ready to get help, give us a call now at (801) 499-9316.

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We are focused on healing the brain from trauma and addiction, discovering new ways to do recovery, helping rebuild one’s self, and learn new coping skills that will change your life.
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