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About Our Alcohol Detox Program

Participating in social events, festive celebrations, or simply unwinding often involves enjoying a drink. However, it’s not always easy to tell when casual drinking crosses over into dependency territory. Given alcohol’s addictive nature, what starts as occasional indulgence can quickly turn into a concerning habit. As tolerance builds from regular consumption, so do the risks, making excessive drinking a dangerous game that could lead to harm to oneself or others. If you or someone close is finding it difficult to manage their drinking, seeking out an alcohol detox in Utah might be a wise step towards finding the support and guidance needed for recovery.

Alcohol abuse leads to alcoholism, and there are many dangerous side effects. Impaired motor skills, increased cancer and disease risk are only a few. Because it is a depressant, it can cause slurred speech and a slower reaction time.

Once you develop a dependance on alcohol, side effects escalate from damaged brain function to severe, life-threatening symptoms including delirium tremens which involves disorientation, tremors and hallucinations.

Experimentation is another activity commonly accompanying drinking. People often mix drinking and drugs, which can result in seriously negative outcomes. If paired with benzodiazepines or another depressant, it can slow the heart rate and breathing down a dangerous amount. On the other hand, if paired with a stimulant it can lead to a stroke or heart attack. There is no safe bet when pairing alcohol with any kind of drug.

Addiction is a complicated thing, and it can impact you in many ways.

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