Frequently Asked Questions

Your Path to Comprehensive Recovery!

What medications are allowed?

You are allowed to bring medications prescribed to you. However, certain controlled medications are not allowed. Please notify us during the intake process on what medications you are taking and we can get approval for any questionable medications by our doctor. Any medications brought to the facility that are not pre-approved or allowed will be destroyed due to state policy guidelines.

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking and vaping is allowed outside of the facility in the designated smoking area. When you admit, cigarette and vape cartridges must be unopened and the vape pen cleaned out. We ask that smoke breaks do not take place during group times. CBD is also allowed however it must say “THC Free” on the label.

How many times a week do I do individual therapy?

Maple Mountain prides itself on going above and beyond for our clients. One of the many ways we do this is by offering three times more therapy than the industry standard. We know how serious you take your treatment and that there is no time to waste getting you back to feeling you’re best which is why we require your assigned therapist to meet with you at least three times a week. However, there will always be a therapist available to you 24/7 should you need assistance.

Do I get to see or talk to my family?

Absolutely! If you would like to have family involved in your treatment you can invite them on Wednesday nights to participate in our family education night/process group. Phone calls can typically be made daily; your assigned case manager will help set you up with healthy phone boundaries on day two of treatment. We also have a family advocate who is available to help your family members through this process as well as this may be a stressful time for everybody. As always, you are always in control of what information can be shared and who may contact you.

Do you allow pets?

Maple Mountain loves furry friends! Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals are allowed as long as they are hypoallergenic and trained to perform a task. The animal must also be crate trained for when they are not actively with you. If at any time the animal becomes disruptive to the environment they may be asked to be boarded elsewhere. Instances like these include but are not limited to things like aggressive behavior, allergic reactions from staff or clients, frequent destruction of facility property, frequent distraction of the environment.

Have More Questions?

We know there are so many questions when coming to treatment, please feel free to call/email us at any time and we are happy to answer them for you!

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