SEE IF YOUR INSURANCE COVERS YOUR STAY By using the latest technology and evidence based modalities, we are able to heal the brain from addiction, trauma and mental illness.
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Individualized Treatments

Maple Mountain’s rehabilitation center in Mapleton, UT uses a variety of science & evidence based modalities for your treatment. 

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What Makes MMR Different

Being Dual Licensed for both mental health and addiction is just one of many things that make us different.

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First Class Facilities

Maple Mountain Recovery features upscaled facilities in Utah. See what it has to offer.

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The Maple Mountain 3 Phase Approach

Phase 1 – Assessment & Diagnosis

Maple Mountain Recovery assesses each patient to ensure they receive the proper diagnosis. By doing this, we are able to provide individualized treatments.

Phase 2 – Individualized Treatments

We use a variety of evidence based modalities & proprietary modules to treat specific issues.

Phase 3 – Guided Transition

MMR begins planning transition after one week and guides each person to an individualized aftercare.

Individualized Treatments We individualize each treatment to your exact needs. This includes a minimum of two 1 on 1 sessions a week, experiential therapy, and the support necessary for you to recover. Experiential Therapy We focus on the activities and, through the experience, that begin to identify emotions associated with success, disappointment, responsibility, and self-esteem. Luxury Amenities Patients will receive first class treatment in an incredible house dedicated to making you feel at home. Healthy Food To Heal The Brain Enjoy our french trained chef who provides healthy meals for patients at Maple Mountain. Equine Therapy Equine Therapy is a form of experiential therapy that involves interactions between patients and horses. Neurofeedback Therapy Receive the latest technology in recovery therapy including Neurofeedback Therapy, Biosound Lounge, and more!

What Makes Our Maple Mountain Treatment Center in Utah Different

We Heal The Brain

At our Utah rehab center, we use a variety of evidence based modalities & proprietary modules to treat issues specific to each individual person. 


EMDR Certified

Our therapists are EMDR certified to treat a variety of mental health symptoms and conditions as well as addictions.



Neurofeedback tracks how the brain functions from moment to moment in order to provide valuable brain therapy to the patient.

Experiential Therapy

We use a variety of experiential treatments such as Equine Therapy, hiking, yoga Nidra, art, music, and more!

Recovery Coaches

All of our technicians are trained and certified Recovery Coaches to help our patients not only heal, but to stay clean forever. 


Licensed Dual Diagnosis

The Maple Mountain Drug Rehabilitation Center in Mapleton, UT is one of the few facilities licensed to treat both mental health & drug/alcohol addictions.

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Facilities At Our Treatment Center In Utah

Maple Mountain Recovery is a premier provider of residential treatment for substance dependence and mental health. We have two locations in Utah, Maple Mountain and Lindon. Our exquisite facilities are located in serene and elegant home in rural areas.