Strong Recovery After Treatment in Mapleton, Utah


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After leaving a treatment center, recovery can be stressful adjusting to a new environment without the structure and support system than you have become accustomed to.

The first couple months after treatment are key to instilling the changes you have made into the rest of your life.

Whether you have experienced addiction or trauma, it can be difficult to keep your thoughts from wandering to the past after recovery.

Luckily there are ways to overcome this struggle.

You Are Not Alone

The most important thing for you to understand is that you are not alone.

There are several people going through the same process.

Don’t be afraid to look to others for support, especially family, friends and the staff here at Maple Mountain.

We all want you to succeed.

Keeping your mind busy can be a huge advantage as you go through recovery.

Try new activities and find activities that you enjoy – read a book, go for a hike, meditate, learn to play a sport.

Anything that you can become passionate about can help you redirect your thoughts.

If you intend to stay local once you have completed treatment, we want to help get you the best start possible after treatment.

There are plenty of things to do in and around Mapleton to fill up your days.

There is a variety of options – whether it is simply being outside, joining a book club, or driving up to Sundance.

Get outside

Utah is a beautiful place, with a lot going on.

There are trailheads, campgrounds, parks and more. The easiest way to feel better is to go outside, being in fresh air is so good for you.

Even if you sit on your front steps for 15 minutes and relax or walk around the block, the sunshine and air will feel great.


Bartholomew Park is a few minutes north of Mapleton, and is packed with things to do.

You can go alone, or take some friends with you.

It is a gorgeous park with a pond for swimming and fishing, and a fantastic place for a picnic.

There are areas for games like volleyball, horseshoe, ring toss, etc and there is a trail around the pond if you want to go for a walk.

They also have a snack bar open throughout the day.

Back in Hobble Creek Canyon, there are the Canyon Parks – Jolley’s Ranch, Kelly’s Grove and Rotary Park.

They each have different things going on and are a perfect place for an outing with friends.

They can also be a quiet and peaceful retreat if you want to go and enjoy the beauty of Hobble Creek.

Mapleton City park is a multi-recreational park right in the center of town.

There are tennis courts, baseball diamonds, pavilions, a volleyball pit, a big playground, and some other open fields.

Eagle Rock Park has a trail and a disc golf park.

Find a hobby

Hobbies can go in several directions. Pick up a book, take a cooking class, try yoga, learn to play a sport or write poetry.

Find something in your life that you can focus on, giving attention to it and finding happiness and entertainment.

Having a hobby will help keep you from having free time that leads to unwanted thoughts.

If you enjoy reading and want to get more involved, joining a book club could be a great choice for you.

Book clubs can be an awesome way to meet people with shared interests, and make lasting friendships.

There is also a library at Mapleton City Center.

Yoga is a good way to relieve stress and release negative feelings. It is calming, and will help keep your mind and body healthy.

You can do yoga from the comfort of your home, or you can sign up and attend classes.

The Mapleton Parks and Recreation offers Vinyasa Yoga classes to all levels of experience.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is like a dynamic dance.

The postures are connected through breathing for a balancing and transformative effect.

The sequences are built around sun salutations and are always evolving.

These classes can help inspire healthy physical and mental consciousness.

Along with yoga, Parks and Rec offers Jazzercize classes, which is another great way to be active and stay healthy.



A simple way to keep your mind off of your own recovery is to help someone else in need.

There are several opportunities to serve throughout Utah County.

Not only can serving others help distract you from negative thoughts or behavior, but it also helps put your life in perspective.

People often don’t realize that we are lucky to have the struggles that we do until we meet someone who is facing something different.

You can make a profound impact on others’ lives by being willing to help them; help them stay positive and find hope.

“If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” – Regina Brett

If you want to get involved in service, JustServe is a fantastic resource.

It can match you with organizations and help you get started doing good things for the community.

Have some fun

Plan activities, go out and do things!

Find things that you enjoy and that bring you happiness.

About 20 minutes north, in Provo, there are several things to do up and down Center Street.

Have a karaoke night, go to Comedy Sportz, grab some Sub Zero ice cream or check out Good Move Cafe.

Get Out Games is also pretty close to Center Street if you want to plan an exciting night with a group of friends.

Provo can be pretty busy because it is a college town, but it is a great place to meet people too.

Make new friends, and build a support system.

Having people to lean on and grow with is the best way to establish hope and positivity in your life and recovery, as you head in a new direction after treatment.

Plan something exciting – get tickets to a concert, go on a road trip, or take a day to go to Lagoon and be fully submerged in a busy environment full of fun and laughter.

Some days all you need for a little pick me up is to soak in blissful feelings and create memories that you can look back on.


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