What to do when you have feelings of worthlessness?

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Hopelessness and insignificance often accompany feelings of worthlessness and other symptoms that may lead to a depressive episode. These feelings are often common symptoms of depression. Still, they can also arise due to low self-esteem, neglect, abuse, traumatic experience, or negative emotions that threaten one’s quality of life.

Clinical studies have shown that emotions of worthlessness and uselessness can significantly interfere with one’s life. Worthlessness can cause a lack of energy and symptoms of depression to see into the person’s life. You might find it challenging to feel motivated to pursue your goals or even do everyday tasks.

Why Might You Be Feeling Worthless?

There are a variety of factors that can cause feelings of inadequacy. Upbringing, social experiences, marital status, explanatory style, stressful events, and mental health conditions may play a role. Some reasons why you might be struggling with such feelings include:

Childhood Trauma

You may have negative childhood experiences that have left a lasting impression on your personality. Childhood trauma could be neglect, maltreatment, abuse can all significantly affect your self-esteem. Victims of abuse may carry feelings of insignificance into adulthood. These interpersonal traumas could cause the course symptoms of depressive syndrome. 

Seeing Feelings Of Worthlessness As Your Fault

You may think these negative emotions are your actions. People with depression may have negative emotions and are more likely to experience symptoms of depression, including feelings of helplessness and self-blaming emotions.

Self-blaming emotions

Self-blaming emotions can stem from things that we perceive as wrong, and we criticize ourselves and stop. Others may have attacked you in the past. Adverse life events where a person has been degraded or faced criticism from others can also leave people feeling as if they lack value.

Difficulty Handling Stress

Acute and chronic stress can take a toll on a person’s perceptions of themselves. You may find it hard to cope with stress. You might feel worthless after experience a severe setback such as financial problems, divorce, or job loss.

Sign of a Mental Health Disorder

Major depression and depressive disorder are medical conditions. Depressive disorders such as depression include shame, guilt, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness. Such symptoms create distress and make it challenging to manage usual daily tasks.

What You Can Do

If you are experiencing emotions of worthlessness, there are small, actionable steps you can take that may help you start to feel better. Here are some ideas that can help. You may also want to consider depression treatment, such as behavioral therapy.

Speak Kindly to Yourself

Negative thinking and self-talk are common in people with depressive disorder. Try treating yourself with kindness. It may not be easy at first, but it’ll get easier with time. Try to reframe your negative self-talk more positively. Instead of saying I could never do that, try saying I can do that little by little.

Pay Attention to When Worthlessness Strikes

People with depression may get these negative feelings randomly. It is essential to know when these feelings emerge. It is necessary to keep a journal and write down what triggers depressive thoughts or melancholic depression. This journal is one way to help combat the negative rumination that might be fueling feelings of inadequacy. 

Keep a Gratitude Journal

You can feel worthless when comparing your life unfavorably to others. Instead of thinking about where you’re lacking, try keeping a gratitude journal to remember all the things you have improved. You will be able to spend a little bit of time thinking about great things in your life each day. Writing about what you are grateful for will help refocus your thoughts more positively.

Do Something for Someone Else

Service constantly improves your mood. When you are experiencing feelings of worthlessness, it is essential to focus your attention on someone else that you can help. Research has shown that engaging in prosocial activities like volunteering for your community or helping someone else in need can positively affect a person’s happiness and well-being. You are assisting others also to increase a more profound connection of community and a greater sense of purpose. 

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