Why MMR is Different

Trauma Informed Care

Care at Maple Mountain is not only trauma informed, but trauma competent. We understand trauma and also know how to treat individuals with PTSD and CPTSD. We help individuals heal from the past trauma and continue with their lives free from their traumatic past.

Them Us
Shame based rules Loving encouragement / motivation
CBT/DBT skills focused EMDR and addressing core trauma focused
12 step/AA participation requirement Multitude of programs offered, not one size fits all.
1 individual session per week 3 individual sessions per week minimum

Holistic Approaches

At Maple Mountain we believe in treating the brain, body, mind and spirit. That’s why we offer more than the industry standard of just groups and medications. We have a Chef who provides healthy and delicious nutrition, Neurofeedback to reprogram the brain, BioSound Lounge to relax the body and mind and many interesting and fun therapeutic activities to challenge and jump start the depressed brain.

Meeting the Client Where They’re At

One of the most frustrating events in treatment can be not feeling like your voice is heard or your needs are met. The old way of treatment is the professional overrides the opinion of what needs to be done in the clients life, and time and time again we see this approach just not work. We believe it is important to listen to what your needs are and help you determine what’s best for you and gently encourage you to push yourself to try new ways of healing.

Individualized Care

Many treatment centers claim that they have individualized treatment and still they make their clients follow one program that “fits all” type of schedule with forced standard meetings and sessions. Some insurances require a certain amount of hours and types of programming
attended by the member in order to pay for the treatment, but at Maple Mountain, clients’ needs are analyzed and discussed carefully and every person gets an individualized program that works best for their unique circumstances and issues. Maple Mountain offers a safe supportive environment where every client works their own unique recovery program.

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