Holistic Treatment for PTSD Recovery

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Do you feel petrified by the idea of speaking in public? Do you feel like natural disasters are occurring in your stomach when you talk to your crush? Have you thought so much about your physical health that you end up getting sick? If you answered yes to any of these, then you have experienced the power of the mind-body connection. Whether you know it or not, the link between our thoughts and emotions have to our physical well-being is powerful. 

Societies from ancient times use the connection between the mind-body and spirit to heal and treat physical and mental ailments. These practices gave birth to deep breathing, yoga therapy, relaxation techniques, and massage therapy. Thankfully, we live in a modern society that confirms the benefits of alternative therapies and holistic approaches. More research has opened an avenue of holistic treatment options that have helped people with post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological trauma, and other traumatic memories overcome a traumatic event.

If you or a loved one need mental health services for anxiety disorders, anger outbursts, inappropriate emotional reactions, or a sense of helplessness, then reach out to learn about our many treatment programs at Maple Mountain Mental Health & Wellness.

Our clients have found that a combination of evidence from alternative treatment to conventional medicine has helped them overcome a previous traumatic event in their lives. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you are interested in natural care for your body and mental health. 

Why Choose Holistic Treatment For Mental Health?

Mental health problems can destroy the spirit and can drain you over time. The effects of trauma can affect every aspect of our life when a client uses traditional methods that are often seen as a list of symptoms and not as a person with feelings and emotions. Seeing a person as just a list of problems instead of a whole system leads to misdiagnosis, poor results, and frustration. Doctors must take a holistic approach to treat mental health issues properly. 

Every aspect of life is affected by mental health conditions, so trauma treatment needs to address those aspects. Our approach supports long-term health.

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Which Holistic Services Are Most Beneficial?

At Maple Mountain Mental Health & Wellness, we see each person’s struggles, conditions, hopes, and dreams as unique. Our mental health professionals are interested in knowing you. They want to know your personal life and how to set reasonable goals for recovery. 

The Common holistic services we utilize :

  • NAD Therapy

  • Massage

  • Fitness and nutrition

  • vitamin therapy

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness meditation

We utilize a broader range of techniques to deal with health issues and physical pain. Yoga therapy will help you relax, stretch and improve your mood. Vitamin therapy will replace vital vitamins that your body is lost. Mindfulness meditation will allow you to center your mind with your body and spirit. Meditation also will enable you to focus on yourself during yoga therapy. Individualized fitness and nutrition sessions allow patients to practice prevention, develop healthy lifestyle habits, and workshop specific concerns relating to energy, immunity, sleep, mood, and more. This unique approach to care can empower the individual and, in combination with our support staff, will be old to coordinate your care better.

Holistic Vs. Western Medicine

The concept of list holistic medicine can be difficult for many to understand. Many skeptics think there’s a lack of evidence in practice. Many think of strange herbal teas and meditation when they think of holistic medicine. However, this is not all true; holistic medicine takes the entire body as one system into account. Holistic medicine is not supposed to take over Western medicine and vice versa but instead is to work in unison with Western medicine. The combination of both practices yields faster results. A doctor can put a broken leg and the cast; however, relaxation and not walking on the leg can heal. It is possible to manage pain, stress, and emotions with the proper diets, mind-body therapies, and a holistic approach to healthcare. You can once again find a sense of control in your life. 

Benefits Of Naturopathic Treatment For Mental Health

There are a lot of benefits to holistic treatment for mental health. A few of these benefits include:

  • Promotes relaxation

  • It helps develop coping skills

  • Encourages a healthy diet and proper exercise

  • Ease of Implementation

  • cost-effective

Heal Your Mental Health With Treatment At True Life Center

Maple Mountain mental health and wellness is not just an addiction treatment center. Our residential treatment and intensive outpatient program integrate both conventional and holistic treatment. We also specialize in treating mental disorders.

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