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Why I Stayed 88.8 Days To Recover

It was an unusually cold May morning the day I left for Maple Mountain Recovery. I don’t know if it was because it was actually cold or if it was because I didn’t have my masks to keep me warm. May 18th, 2018 was the first day that I didn’t wear a mask. Those masks...

How To Balance Addiction & The Holidays

Hey, You! Holiday much? Wassel around on what to do on a Friday night? Noticed a change in the color of the streets, the hue of the bulbs, the tenor of the music dripping off the bells of the season? Keenly aware of the sweet smells of pine boughs, baked goods and...

Understanding Addiction

Understanding addiction can be an eye-opening thing. The answer to this question may seem very simple, but it is not always so straightforward.

Recovering Together

When the focus is on recovery, it doesn’t really matter how the underlying issues manifested themselves or how the client was trying to cope with it.

Sober Serial No. 1

Sitting in the bowels of the Atlanta Airport, in hindsight, I must have known what was happening. I smoked a cigarette and took swigs from a flask with a food court employee.

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