Maple Mountain Recovery offers cutting-edge technologies and professional knowledge that comes from long term experiences in the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment. The many different programs used are based on research and passion to give clients the best treatment possible. All programs are carefully chosen to help clients understand their challenges and how to treat themselves.During their stay, clients will also work with a recovery coach and a case manager to build a recovery and aftercare plan. Programming at Maple Mountain Recovery is not only effective, it’s an experience that changes lives. Most of the program incorporates Experiential Therapy to help give clients the best opportunity for success. Our clients enjoy long-lasting recovery and happy relationships.

Family Therapy

Maple Mountain Recovery takes care of families too. Family members receive their own advocate and are welcome to talk with the therapists. Clients family members and friends are invited into to come learn about addiction, trauma and mental health. We offer family education classes and family therapy once a week. Clients will receive an aftercare plan to help them navigate the first few fragile months in the new recovery.

Yoga Nidra

Yogic (relaxation) techniques offer a means to reduce the physical and mental reactions to stress. Yoga is one of the many popular techniques for achieving relaxation. Yoga has its origin in ancient India. Its original form consisted of spiritual, moral and physical practices. Yoga Nidra is one such effective technique, not only for physical or mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for yogic discipline. Yoga Nidra is qualitatively different from relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is a sleep based, guided meditation. It is conscious sleep. All of the techniques used during a Yoga Nidra session are designed to guide an individual’s attention inward, creating a sense of wellbeing and ease. Yoga Nidra resets, briefly at first, the mind and body. This reset allows them to function normally without the interference of the ego or unconscious mind. Recent research has shown that mindful relaxation techniques are associated with an increase in the size of the hippocampus in as little as eight weeks. Serotonin is released during Yoga Nidra. Serotonin stimulates the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus, helping to restore mood and memory. Just 11 hours of learning a meditation technique (including Yoga Nidra) induces positive structural changes in brain connectivity by boosting efficiency in a part of the brain that helps a person regulate behavior in accordance with their goals.

Healthy Nutrition

Clients will receive healthy nutrition tailored in healing damaged neuron networks, individual workout programs and healthy rest and sleep routines. Together with the medical and clinical team, the clients learn to manage their physical health. Clients learn to relax and calm their brain and thoughts.

Physical Exercise and Recreational Therapy

Clients heal best in an environment where physical exercise and recreational therapy aspects are used. A few of these activities include, paddle boarding, kayaking, workout facility, hiking, rock wall climbing, softball, swimming, ropes course, bowling, etc.


Maple Mountain recovery introduces clients to new ways of physical health and exercise. Maple Mountain Recovery offers therapeutic boxing for clients and staff. Boxing is a great way to work on stress and anger as it releases energy, relaxes and offers a constructive way to reorganize trauma memories. Boxing is an exercise that uses skills, aerobic energy and offers the sense of control which all is converted into a calmer body, better self-esteem and empowerment. Also boxing offers cardio exercises that help with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.


Maple Mountain recovery introduces clients to new ways of physical health and exercise. Mountain Recovery offers jiu-jitsu to empower clients and help resolve traumatic issues. Clients learn self-defense and ways to feel safe in the public especially after traumatic events. Jiu-jitsu is a fun way to learn a new skill, increase body awareness and get exercise. Having a healthy exercise regimen helps clients to regulate emotions and destress which improves mental health and relationship skills.

Sweat Lodge

In Maple Mountain Recovery, clients participate in a Lakota style ceremony. The ceremony is intended to cleanse and purify the body, mind, spirit and soul. In a sweat lodge ceremony, clients confront their trauma and emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages in a safe way. Clients focus on their true needs and loving self and others in a healthy way. They find answers and healing within as they are shut off from the stresses and distractions of the outer world and as they are reoriented back to their authentic selves. Lakota style ceremony is universally spiritual and helpful and doesn’t require any specific cultural, spiritual or religious orientation.

Art, Music and Equine Therapies

Clients are offered art, music and equine therapies that will support their healing in other ways than talk therapy.

Jacuzzi, Sauna, Massage

Clients have access to our jacuzzi, sauna, pool, massage and other therapeutic and leisure activities in the Maple Mountain Recovery houses that help clients relax and enjoy their stay at Maple Mountain Recovery.

12 Step Meetings and Refuge Recovery

Clients are offered opportunities to attend supportive recovery meetings such as 12 step meetings and refuge recovery.

16 Steps to Help Women

In the women’s treatment, Maple Mountain Recovery uses the 16 steps to help women not only heal from addictions but also help them empower themselves due to much oppression and trauma that our clients go through in their lifetime.

Group Therapy

Clients do group therapy where relationships are used as the starting plate for healing. While in treatment, clients have many corrective experiences which help them to function better in the society. Group therapy is one of the most effective treatment to overcoming addiction and grief.

Healthy Living Skills

Clients are taught healthy living skills that will enable them to care for themselves and their loved ones.

Beyond Trauma

Beyond Trauma is a first phase trauma treatment program that will educate the client on many aspects of trauma. It was developed and researched by Stephanie Covington et al., who is a leader in women’s issues in substance abuse and trauma. As a client learns about trauma, they will understand their own feelings, thoughts and behaviors better and feels less shame and compulsion to react.

This program prepares the client for the second phase of trauma treatment – reprocessing trauma with a trauma trained therapist. The education quickens the process of healing for the client and when done right, the client can start enjoying the results of trauma treatment very fast. Using Beyond Trauma is the right way to start trauma treatment and MMR is proud to be part of the movement of using evidenced based treatment methods for trauma


Clients learn mindfulness that further helps the stressed-out brain to heal and learn different ways of healthy coping. Programming at Maple Mountain Recovery offers many different ways to induce relaxation and the feelings of safety, as feeling relaxed and safe is the most important aspect in early brain recovery.

Resilience Training

Resilience training helps you gain the ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy. Maple Mountain Recovery helps you become better at maintaining poise and a healthy level of physical and psychological wellness in the face of life’s challenges.

Alumni Program

Maple Mountain Recovery continues to support our clients after treatment by offering an Alumni Program.

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