Massage Chelmsford Ma

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Massage Chelmsford Ma

Whether you have stress after a long day or work or have some pain that is taking its toll on your body, a massage may be the perfect solution. A massage in Chelmsford, MA, offers the ideal way to relax and relieve stress and minor aches and pains. At All About the Massage, we use a customized blend of deep tissue massage and relaxation massage to create the best and most therapeutic experience possible.

How is Massage in Chelmsford, MA, Beneficial?

Massage in Chelmsford, MA, is beneficial for several reasons. Therapeutic massage helps to alleviate pain in the back and other areas of the body. It is helpful for athletes to relax the muscles following an intense workout. Massage stimulates the lymph flow through the body and therefore improves the body’s natural defense mechanism. Massage provides a relaxing way to unwind after a period of stress. It stretches and enhances the flexibility of weak or tight muscles. Massage is also a way for pregnant women to prepare for an easier delivery.

Types of Massage in Chelmsford, MA

At All About the Massage, we offer a variety of different types of massages. Choose from therapeutic massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, prenatal massage, and couples massage sessions. Our therapeutic massage blends deep tissue and relaxation techniques for a truly soothing experience. We apply heat therapy with our Himalayan salt option. It helps sore muscles and exfoliates the skin. For our popular prenatal massage, we use cushions and unique positions to accommodate the body through all stages of pregnancy. We offer sessions ranging from a half-hour to two hours for most of our options.

Can I Get a Massage Series?

Most people prefer to get regular massages. A regular massage helps keep your muscles loose and gives you a more relaxed approach to life. At All About the Massage, we feature series massage plans so you can incorporate a massage into your regular health and wellness routine. Our series of 4 is ideal for gifting to friends and family and provides four sessions that you can use at any time. Our super five series is perfect for those who want ongoing therapy for pain or stress reduction. We work with you to help achieve a particular goal with five massages in 5 weeks. For any of our series plans, you can pick the specific length of the session at the time of purchase.

About Our Studio

At All About the Massage, we know that life can be stressful. We are here to make your life more comfortable and more relaxed. We have a team of experts who are available to provide you with the best massage possible. You will be amazed at how comfortable and comforted you feel after one of our sessions. You can schedule an appointment online, and we are open every day of the week excluding Sundays. We are happy to schedule a free 15-minute consultation before your first appointment. We offer an inviting and quiet sanctuary for your massage in Chelmsford, MA.




Massage Chelmsford Ma