Opiates are a class of various drugs, such as Oxycodone and other narcotic painkillers, and Heroin. They come from the poppy plant seed, and are highly addictive both physically and psychologically. They are often used for self medicating, and typically give the user a sense of well-being. Once someone begins using, the chances of not getting addicted to opiates is very little.

The effects that can come from using not only harm yourself, but loved ones may also suffer. They will consume you, and impact your entire life. Opiate addiction can lead to homelessness, abuse and lost jobs – but there are many more serious risks. These include liver damage, risk of getting HIV/AIDS, bleeding ulcers, and death. Regardless of the opiate you struggle with, they all come with the same associated risks.

The only way to save yourself or a loved one from these, and save a life, is to seek treatment. Warning signs of opiate abuse include isolation, loss of interest in important things, and stealing to get money.

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