Marijuana – also known as cannabis, pot, weed and several other things – is a schedule I illegal drug. When smoked or ingested, marijuana has psychoactive properties, meaning it affects your mind. Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, is is still illegal at the federal level.

The smoke from marijuana can irritate your throat and is very damaging to your lungs. Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues have been found to be connected to marijuana use. Studies have proven that it negatively impacts memory, attention, and learning ability, Other research has found that using increases the likelihood of addiction to additional substances.

Recognizing marijuana addiction in a loved one can be difficult, but there are red flags you need to be looking out for. Often those who are struggling with addiction will let the drug come before friends, family, work or any other aspect of their life.

There are several long and short term effects of abusing cannabis. Long term includes: bronchitis, mood swings, infertility in men, inability to learn, reduced sexual capacity, and growth disorders. Examples of the potential short term effects include: panic attacks, slow reaction time, irregular menstrual cycle in women or sterility in men and disorientation.

Signs that a Friend or Loved One May Be Addicted:

  • They can’t go a day without smoking several times
  • Red or glossy eyes
  • Inability to relax without being stoned
  • Missing a social gathering or lying about other responsibilities and getting stoned instead

Addiction and substance abuse is a dangerous, scary and complicated thing.

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