Bud Harper Founder

Bud Harper, our founder, opened Maple Mountain Recovery in 2014. Previously, Mr. Harper co-founded Village Healthcare Center in Orange County, California, a facility created for long-to life care of patients suffering from catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries. After moving to Utah, Mr. Harper wanted to continue to help make a difference in the lives of people. His philosophy, “Patients come first, ALWAYS”, has been the driving force behind his vision in opening Maple Mountain Recovery. He has witnessed the miraculous changes that occur to an individual and their families as they embrace the many innovative treatments offered.

“Everyone who enters our facility deserves the best chance at finding recovery and becoming the best version of themselves. We don’t seek to emulate any other facility. We simply seek to be the best at helping those who seek recovery, find it. We take a holistic approach through employing the most recent proven methods to help with the healing process.”

  • Hanna LeBaron
    Hanna LeBaron
    Executive Clinical Director, LCSW, EMDR Certified
  • Jeananne Johnson-Talbert
    Jeananne Johnson-Talbert
    Medical Director – Psychiatric PHD, APRN, CAPRN-AP, PMHNP
  • Allison Valeti
    Allison Valeti
    Executive Assistant/Human Relations Director
  • Tina Campbell
    Tina Campbell
    Director of Case Management (LSUDC)
  • Stephanie Parkinson
    Stephanie Parkinson
    Admissions/Utilization Review Specialist
  • Debbie Wilson
    Debbie Wilson
    Billing Specialist
  • Tanith Cox
    Tanith Cox
    Program Director
  • Josh Staub
    Josh Staub
    Case Manager
  • Katie Dahlgren
    Katie Dahlgren
  • Heather Huntsman
    Heather Huntsman
    Alumni Director/Massage Therapist
  • Sarah Sheehan
    Sarah Sheehan
    Support Staff
  • Kathi Young
    Kathi Young
    Support Staff

Maple Mountain Staff

Our therapists aren’t only experts in treating addiction, they are also skilled mental health practitioners. We understand using alcohol and drugs is a maladaptive coping skill. Our facility provides addiction recovery programs, as well as treatment for underlying issues such as mental health problems, trauma, personality disorders, and environmental issues.

Most clients have a dual diagnosis, which means they are not only healing from addiction, but also mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, PTSD and so on. You can count on our treatment professionals to treat you with respect, care, and understanding while you are in treatment. Our number one priority is safety, and when clients feel safe in our facility, they can start healing from their trauma.

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