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Every stage in life brings with it new and unexpected challenges, and that includes retirement. As your loved ones grow older, you will find that their bodies are not as healthy as they used to be. They may not be able to perform the same tasks with ease as they did before retirement. In addition, they become more susceptible to infections and chronic diseases. Old age is a sensitive phase; seniors need comfort and care to lead a healthy life free from anxiety and worry.

At Varenita, we’re a client-centered retirement community that offers older adults the best retirement care in a resort-style set up; the very best in the 55 communities in Westlake, CA. Our residents benefit from the undivided attention of trained health professionals, fitness instructors, and therapists. The best way to take care of your body is by paying attention to what you eat and engaging in regular exercise. Our facility provides all this while allowing you to enjoy luxury and elegance guaranteed to give you an exceptional living experience.

Common Health Problems Affecting Older Adults and How to Prevent them

Here are some of the common health problems and what to do to reduce their occurrence:

  • Heart Disease

The CDC reports that heart disease is a major threat to older adults above the age of 65years. Heart disease is prevalent in people who have high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. It’s important to ensure that your retired parents or other loved ones eat a balanced diet, get a good night’s sleep, and exercise regularly to maintain ideal body weight. Exercise helps lower blood pressure, and that will reduce the chances of developing heart disease.

  • Physical Injury

Seniors are more susceptible to fractures in case of a fall. Aging causes the loss of bone mass, with the bones becoming fragile. Among older women, osteoporosis makes the bones brittle and weak. Engaging in regular exercises such as Tai chi, jogging, dancing, walking, and yoga can enhance your loved one’s strength, range of movement, and hence balance. As such, they are less likely to fall even if they stumble.

  • Diabetes

A quarter of adults over the age of 65 are living with diabetes. Undiagnosed diabetes can severely affect major organs in the body and even cause blindness. If you’re taking care of a senior citizen, have their blood sugar levels checked routinely to ensure it’s within the normal range. If they have diabetes, always make sure they take their medication and adhere to their dietary recommendations. Regular exercises and eating healthy can reduce the chances of developing diabetes and keep blood sugar levels healthy for those who have diabetes. 

Healthy Living

At Varenita, we’re a luxury retirement community that caters to retired adults looking to enjoy their retirement in a sophisticated setting. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to health conditions affecting older adults. As one of the best in the 55 communities in Westlake, CA, we have customized therapies, exercises, and meal plans to ensure that your loved one is well cared for. If you’re looking for a retirement home that will prioritize your loved one’s health and overall well-being, contact us today on (805)413-3300.

55 Communities In Westlake Ca